Hi there!

My name is Marc Brüseke (Pronounced: 'Brew-Sicka). I'm a South African optimist, academic, writer & guerilla publisher of mixed ancestry from Cape Town. I live in Yorkshire, England.


My general outlook on life is fuelled by a fusion of existential philosophy, stoic practice, buddhist sensibilities, Taoist sentiment & Japanese poetics.


I am in the midst of a PhD in English literature and creative writing. My general area of study is experimental creative non-fiction with an emphasis on memoir writing. My research utilises a practice-led approach in effort to develop a methodology for the use of photography as a viable means to write experimental memoir. By combining structural and poststructural visual theory with the sensibilities of haiku (haikuity), I have sought to re-imagine and re-contextualise  the events from my life. My approach is self reflective of memory and posits an interlacing between the present moment and the past. The resulting stylistic development is one that emphasises fragmentary literary construction, brevity, and nuance.

I am a part-time lecturer at York St. John University, where I host a weekly undergraduate creative writing seminar.

I have a MA in Sociology & Global Change from Manchester Metropolitan University (2013) and a BA (hons) in Media & Communications from York St. John University (2011)

In October 2021 I delivered a paper showcasing elements of my visual literary practice at the Eat. Sleep. Research. Repeat conference at York St. John University.


My work ranges from academic inquiry to creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry. I have published three books and ten pamphlets.  

Guerilla Publisher

In 2017 I started a small press operation. Since then I have edited and published over 160 publications by some of the most exciting writers in the contemprary literary underground.