Quarter Life by TJ Corless

Set in late-noughties England, Quarter Life captures a unique and somewhat unsettling aspect of life as a man entering adulthood. Told only through weekends, the novel follows twenty-year-old Sam, a character who feels out of place at university in Nottingham and is drawn to responsibility-free life back at home, where the familiarity of his friends, dysfunctional working-class family, drink, drugs and sex seem preferable.

'A very very interesting character study.' - Feral Publication
'A really cool concept.' - Five o Clock Zine

TJ Corless grew up in Birmingham and moved to Cambridgeshire as a teenager when his parents took over a pub. His short stories have been published widely, and he also co-wrote the short film Wonderkid, which was aired on Sky Anytime. He now lives in North London with his wife and their cat.

With a foreword by Martin Appleby.