One Step Ahead Fighting Bourgeois

By The Street Pigeon

The Street Pigeon was born and raised in Hökarängen - a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. From as early as he can remember, he has longed to break the cycle of ‘school-job-death’. He's a bolting locomotive in your morning cornflakes; a freshly painted freight train at dawn. He's hope and despair, longing and hopelessness. Besides writing poems he also paints in a colourful and naive manner, and has released several ‘beat’ based music projects out of his poems. This is his first chapbook in English.

One Step Ahead Fighting Bourgeois is an A5 saddle stitched chapbook. Lovingly handmade, hand stamped, and hand numbered. 32 pages of poems. Limited to 50 copies. Printed on an old Canon laser printer we found abandoned at a dump site. Neon fuelled wrappers.

Translated from Swedish by Jessica Johansson.