By Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson is a thirty-four-year-old poet and short fiction writer from County Durham, UK. Her work has previously been published by Fragmented Voices and Poet Versus, as well as longlisted by Butcher’s Dog Magazine. Her debut collection of poetry and short fiction: 'Banana and Salted Caramel' is upcoming from Austen Macauley Publishers. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram at @hjacksonwrites.

"In 2013 Russia signed into law, a bill ‘protecting children from information promoting the denial of traditional family values’ and banning the ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.’ Commonly known to the rest of the world as the ‘gay propaganda law,’ there has been a marked uptake in attacks and violence against, even murder of, LGBT+ people in Russia in the years since the law was passed. 
L.G.B.T is an entirely fictional portrayal of the lives of four ordinary people from Kostroma, a small city in the west of Russia, while they attempt to navigate life in a country that denies their right to exist."

L.G.B.T is an A5 saddle stitched pamphlet. Lovingly handmade, hand stamped, and hand numbered. Limited to 25 copies. Printed on an old Canon laser printer we found abandoned at a dump site.