Cocoon Transitions

By Gwil James Thomas

Gwil James Thomas is a novelist, poet and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. He is a Pushcart and Best of The Net nominee whose written work has been published numerous times and has also been translated into Greek and Spanish. He is also the author of the following poetry chapbooks: Gwil Vs Machine (Paper & Ink), Hidden Icons & Secret Menus (Analog Submission Press) Romance, Renegades & Riots W/John D Robinson (Analog Submission Press), Writing Beer, Drinking Poetry (Concrete Meat Press) and In the Barrel of a Beautiful Wave (Holy & Intoxicated Publications). At the time of writing this he is living in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.

Cocoon Transitions is an A5 saddle stitched chapbook. Lovingly handmade, hand stamped, and hand numbered. 20 pages. Limited to 25 copies. Printed on an old Canon laser printer we found abandoned at a dump site. Transitory wrappers.